A Word from the Head of the Biophysics Program

 The biophysics program is unique in the Israeli academic scene. The program, which was established 20 years ago and was approved by the Israel Council for  Higher Education, is for Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate studies. The program is  aimed  at highly qualified students and equips them with proper tools  for an  interdisciplinary  profession, which is gaining importance in academic, industrial and  applied research.

 Recent developments in the world of high-tech and advanced studies brought to light the importance of interdisciplinary education and training.  Physicists, chemists and biologists are nowadays joining forces to study the physical phenomena that are occurring in living systems. In fact, the biophysics program was designed as a response to the narrow over-specialization that was characteristic of the twentieth century's scientific research. The program integrates knowledge from the exact sciences, such as physics, chemistry and mathematics, with life science, such as biology and medicine. The program, in fact, teaches its students three different "languages" and disciplines: physics, chemistry and biology.

The biophysics program expands the perspective of future scientists and the variety of options for later professional specialization, without relinquishing the depth of the education that is provided. This seems to be a paradox: how can we expand the knowledge basis without giving up depth? We accomplish this by including all of the key and most fundamental courses in the three disciplines, while omitting specialized courses of secondary importance. As a result, the program is challenging, and attracts very talented students with high motivation, who are able to handle the challenge of concomitantly mastering all three disciplines.

The program offers its graduates a variety of options for graduation. The program opens the doors to those interested in biophysical research and wish to continue for a M.Sc. or Ph.D. degree. Bar Ilan University has many research groups that are involved in biophysical research. The acquired knowledge in this program is essential to those who want to engage in research and development in molecular biology, structural biology, medical physics, neurosciences, biomedical engineering, environmental science, ecology and many other subjects related to biotechnology. With twenty years of experience, we know that graduates of this program are warmly accepted for continued education in research groups in all of the above disciplines. Students can also continue for graduate studies in chemistry, physics or life sciences by completing one or two of required courses in their field of choice.

The biophysics program is a challenge even for the brightest students. We are glad to welcome the most talented and ambitious of you who are prepared to embark on this voyage of scientific excellence. 

Best Regards,



Prof. Benjamin Ehrenberg

Head of Biophysics program